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About Us
Built by Amazon, ready for you
In 2012, Amazon began building its own logistics network. We bought our own trailers. We hired drivers to pull them. We designed the technology we needed to plan out routes and communicate with drivers. And, we built it all to the incredibly high standards of a single customer: ourself.

As our network grew, we saw an opportunity to serve even more customers. In 2019, we opened our lanes, trucks, and capacity to shippers of all sizes. We call this network Amazon Freight.
“Amazon Freight shipments always deliver on time and are received into inventory, which saves us time and money.”
Kevin Leist, Senior Director of Supply Chains, mDesign
A partner with standards as high as your own
Your business is fueled by the values you hold. Our values drive our business, too.
Worker in trailer with pallet lifter
Safety is integral to everything we do. From predictive repairs to proactive maintenance, safety is the biggest driver of all our technology investments.
Amazon Freight truck on the road
Our network optimization tool allows us to maximize tours and reduce empty miles. Amazon also co-founded the Climate Pledge in 2019, a commitment to reaching net-zero carbon emissions by 2040.
Shipper looking at Relay on tablet
We use advanced technology, machine learning, and GPS tracking to give our customer full visibility into the status of their shipment.
To learn more about how our values impact our business, visit the Amazon Freight Newsroom.
"Amazon's reliability is untouchable."

Jonathan Salmeron, Utopia, Warehouse Supervisor
Everything you need, logistically speaking
Whether you’re a shipper, carrier, driver, or entrepreneur, we’re ready to help your business grow.
Need more help? Contact freight-sales@amazon.com.
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