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Frequently asked questions
What are the benefits of shipping with Amazon Freight?
Shippers can leverage Amazon's supply chain capabilities and technology, along with 60,000+ Amazon-owned trailers and vetted carriers to meet your shipping needs. We offer the dependability, reliability, tracking, and high performance you deserve from your shipping partner. Our network runs 24/7, 365 days a year, and as a part of Earth's most customer-centric company, we've built easy-to-use solutions to ensure visibility from quote to payment.
What services are available for shippers?
We provide full truckload services using 53’ dry van equipment. Spot shipments are live loaded at pickup and live unloaded at your delivery destination. Our online tools allow all shippers to manage their loads on demand. We offer dedicated account managers and 24/7 customer support from our operations specialists.

Today, we do not support multi-stop shipments, intermodal, ocean, personal shipments, flatbed, LTL, small parcel, residential, drayage, or offer lift gates.

For shippers interested in contractual pricing, we can accommodate prepositioning trailers at pickup facilities and dropping trailers upon delivery (drop-and-hook services). For more information, please contact us at freight-sales@amazon.com.
Where can I ship?
We offer coverage across thousands of lanes throughout the US, in areas where Amazon operates, thanks to our carrier network and Universal Trailer Pool. We ship inbound to Amazon, to your facilities, and to third-party facilities, all with the highest standards for reliability and performance. You can view a map of our coverage zones here, or contact freight-sales@amazon.com and our Transportation Specialists will run a lane-match analysis to see how we can best service you.
What can I ship?
We currently support most commodities that can be shipped on 53' dry van equipment for live pickup and live delivery. There are some items we cannot accept. We do not support shipping hazardous materials (HAZMAT), those requiring refrigeration, and other prohibited goods. Once you have created an account, please review our terms and conditions and shipment policies for the complete list.
How can I monitor my shipments?
Our online tools and self-service transportation management system help you manage your shipments on demand. Our trailers are equipped with GPS, and carriers and drivers utilize the Amazon Relay app to ensure real-time visibility.
Do you support contractual pricing and electronic data interchange (EDI)?
Amazon offers Managed Transportation, including dedicated contract pricing on your predominant lanes. Amazon has the ability to efficiently leverage web-based tracking systems and seamlessly integrate with your transportation management system via EDI. For more information, please contact us at freight-sales@amazon.com.
How do you select your carrier network?
All carriers in our network are pre-screened to meet our compliance standards, including insurance, operating authority and safety. We hold our carriers to the same high standard, whether they are shipping our freight or yours, and consistently monitor on-time delivery records. We are continuously adding carriers to our network to offer great rates and expanded coverage.
How do I book my first load?
Easy. Create a shipper account in just a few minutes by clicking here. As soon as your account is created, you can begin booking shipments immediately.
Can I book a load for next-day pickup?
Yes, you can book all loads with a minimum of a 24-hour notice. For spot loads, you can book up to 14 days prior to pickup.
Do you offer drop-and-hook service?
For contract shippers needing extra flexibility, we offer drop-and-hook service, with trailers prepositioned for loading and dropped for unloading. For more information, please contact us at freight-sales@amazon.com.
What are you doing to promote sustainability?
Amazon's network optimization tool allows us to be more strategic with how we route our carriers in order to maximize tours and reduce empty miles. Amazon Freight is a contributor to Amazon’s Climate Pledge—our commitment to building a sustainable future by becoming net zero carbon compliant by 2040.
I'm having trouble logging in or creating an account, how can I resolve this?
We recommend clearing your browser cache and cookies and trying again. Instructions for the Chrome browser can be found here and the Edge browser here.
Need more help? Contact freight-sales@amazon.com.
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