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December 15, 2022
Delivering the “complete package” for an Amazon Freight customer
As a home goods retailer and top seller on Amazon, Utopia Deals is inherently in a high-demand business. Whether it’s new style trends in bedding or the latest kitchen decor, the flow of goods in and out of their warehouses is continuous. On top of it, their end customer is always shopping for the best price and wants to make sure that new table cloth is delivered on time for their dinner party. It all means the need for safety, speed, and efficiency along the entire shipping process is paramount.

Then you add in all the other shipping tasks Utopia has had to manage: constant negotiating, chasing the latest quotes, and concerns over where their loads are. Looking back, says Utopia’s Global Supply Chain Manager Muhammad Maaz, it all made for a lot more work for Utopia to get shipments out of their warehouses.

Enter Amazon Freight
Eventually, Utopia reached a point where they realized they needed more and better shipping support. That’s when they turned to Amazon Freight and its network of more than 50,000 trailers and carriers that could cater to its needs and growing volumes.

That started with the driving force every business faces when making decisions: costs. Before Amazon Freight, Utopia’s shipments were “very costly and rates varied every day with an increasing trend,” says Maaz. With Amazon Freight, Utopia has seen much more cost-effective prices compared to other trucking agencies.

That’s because Amazon Freight constantly considers industry conditions to ensure it’s delivering the best product. It’s always optimizing its technology and tools to mitigate business costs and continue to provide competitive rates.

Ease of booking was also a deciding factor for Utopia. Searching and shopping for the loads that match a shipper’s destination, terms, and budget can be a time-consuming process. What Utopia appreciates about Amazon Freight is its user-friendly online portal and easy payment methods. Within the site, you can get quotes instantly after just selecting your pickup and delivery locations.

Utopia finds efficiencies in the other tech capabilities of Amazon Freight such as electronic proofs of delivery (ePODs). With drivers using the Relay app, they can secure signatures seamlessly when loads are being handed off between parties. This saves time and gives them more certitude all along the shipping journey.

Customers first
Utopia also appreciates that when they need help, it’s only a phone call away. Amazon Freight customer service is available 24/7, 365. So, when they have a question about a load or need to make a change, they have confidence they can get the answers. The responsiveness is “quicker than any other logistics company” they work with, according to Maaz.

Ultimately, it comes down to keeping Utopia’s customers delighted, an obsession they share with Amazon. “Customer satisfaction is one of the keys for any business and its supply chain, and Utopia has found a complete package in Amazon Freight,” says Maaz. With minimal lead times, efficiency, and overall services it all “results in more customer retention and satisfaction.”

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