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February 1, 2023
4 reasons shippers choose Amazon Freight
Whether you move hundreds of loads each month or just a handful, we know the critical role freight transportation plays in your business. In many instances, it’s the connecting tissue with your customers. According to one shipper we spoke with, “I feel like the freight shipping company is the most important part between my customers and me.” That means you need a provider that is reliable, on-time, and affordable.

Here at Amazon Freight, we deliver on those needs and are what our customers call the “complete package.”

Learn the four reasons why shippers choose us for their freight needs, and then get started by creating your account with Amazon Freight here.

#1: Our tech = your peace of mind
What we’ve built at Amazon Freight is largely due to the work of our tech teams, who use innovative machine learning and algorithms to develop tech that connects every piece of the logistics puzzle. We are continuously inventing and investing in technology that helps us make the most efficient and effective use of our network. That includes deploying tech to optimally plan supply within our network to reduce empty miles, as well as building tools to create real-time prices.

On the roads, our trailers and tractors are enhanced with technology to improve the safety of drivers. To add efficiency to the process, drivers are also going mobile and being freed from administrative burdens.

For you as a shipper, this means you have access to the reliability and speed you need to conduct business smoothly. Plus, you’ll have confidence that our prices are competitive and transparent.

It also means you’ll have constant visibility of your loads. As one customer says, “The main reason we use Amazon Freight is the tracking system. We know where our shipment from point A to B is exactly without any delay.”

#2: The Amazon network is your network…on demand
You are undoubtedly aware of Amazon’s larger network that efficiently moves packages around the world. With Amazon Freight, you can tap into that network, which means you will access our 50,000+ fleet of trailers and carriers to meet your full truckload needs.

For those shippers who want a self-service option, Amazon Freight’s website lets you find quotes and book loads in a few easy steps, saving you time. It’s “quicker than any other logistics company” they work with, according to one of our customers.

On top of it, our network can scale with you. So, when you grow, we are ready. Part of supporting your growth comes from the Amazon Freight Partner program that is helping entrepreneurs start their trucking businesses and hire drivers.

#3: 24/7 support 365 days a year
From new delivery instructions to an additional pallet, changes happen to loads and you need the confidence they can be implemented. In fact, according to research from B2B International, 44% of shippers say that customer service is a top attribute in a freight provider. At Amazon Freight, we are prepared for this. Within our website portal for customers, we have a dedicated support team and phone line to handle whatever comes our way.

This is part of what makes Amazon Freight so great. Everything we do is working backwards from you. Our technology capabilities and customer obsession allow us to look around corners and better serve you. Results can be seen from one customer who says, “Using Amazon Freight is completely another level of experience” compared to other providers.

#4: A focus on safety and sustainability
At Amazon, safety is integral to everything we do—every day, in every country, and in every operation. We are constantly investing, leveraging technology, and innovating to improve roadway safety for our partners and customers. We are investing more than a billion dollars to create a best-in-class safe trailer fleet, including more than $110 million to implement trailer sensors that identify lights out, anti-lock braking systems, cargo and door sensors, automatic tire inflation, and more.

At the same time, sustainability is a key area for us and we know it is for you and your customers as well. At Amazon, we co-founded the Climate Pledge, which is our commitment to achieve net-zero carbon by 2040, ten years ahead of the Paris Agreement. We are optimizing and transforming our transportation network through technological innovations, efficiency enhancements, and alternative fuel solutions that allow us to deliver to our customers more sustainably.

How do you get started?
If you want to take advantage of what Amazon Freight has to offer, all you need to do is create an account here. Once you complete your profile, you can immediately begin searching for quotes.
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