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August 28, 2023
Understanding Amazon Freight, Amazon Freight Partner, and Relay
Whether you’re a shipper, carrier, driver, or ambitious entrepreneur looking to break into trucking, Amazon has a pathway for you. However, like the world of trucking, those options and their nuances can be tricky to understand (hello, freight acronyms).

In this post, we seek to shed light on Amazon Freight, Amazon Freight Partner, and Relay so you can get the information you need.

Ship with Amazon Freight
Who it’s for: Shippers who need their products hauled. These can range from the biggest enterprise organizations to smaller, “mom and pop” size businesses.

What it does: Simply put, Amazon Freight is Amazon’s external trucking service. By tapping into the larger Amazon network and its 50,000+ trailers and carriers, Amazon Freight utilizes empty miles for shippers. That translates into competitive rates for you and less miles driven for the environment. All shipments are done in Amazon’s 53-foot dry vans and are tracked with GPS. You can ship full truckload inbound to Amazon’s facilities or even externally to your own.

How you can learn more: Start quoting and booking right away by creating an account. Getting quotes is as easy as 1, 2, 3. If you’re a larger shipper, contact the Enterprise Sales Team to help you analyze your shipping needs.

Launch and grow your trucking business with Amazon Freight Partner
Who it’s for: Entrepreneurs (with or without trucking experience) looking to start their own trucking business. You can be an existing carrier as well.

What it does: The barriers to entry for new carriers can be high. The Amazon Freight Partner program helps overcome those obstacles by giving you access to freight assets, training, and expert guidance. Your dedicated business coach will help you navigate the ins and outs of starting your own company in the freight industry. Once your business is ready to launch, you’ll be given Amazon-branded tractors and a consistent workload with the chance to grow with available demand.

How you can learn more: Visit the Amazon Freight Partner website to get all the details. Then request more information to get started. If you’re a driver who wants to work for an Amazon Freight Partner, view the available jobs here.

Haul with Amazon Relay
Who it’s for: Carriers looking to grow with more opportunities to keep their trucks moving.

What it does: Relay is your connection to haul for Amazon. You can book short-term contracts to help keep your drivers’ schedules full, set your own price by bidding on contract auctions, and browse the load board for spot work. You can even let work come to you by posting equipment on “Post A Truck” and getting automatically matched with trips. Once you’re up and running, you can manage all your work in the Relay mobile app. Drivers use the app to get trip information, truck-friendly navigation, and pre-trip weather alerts that all help make the road safer.

How you can learn more: Get all the details on the Relay website. If you want to become a Relay carrier, start your application here.

A freight service for every need
Being customer-obsessed is part of Amazon’s DNA. That’s why we have all these services. No matter what role you play in trucking, Amazon has an option for you.
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