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A shipper booking a load.
November 22, 2023
Creating your Amazon Freight shipper account takes just 2 steps
Smaller shippers are making progress towards more advanced solutions to book their loads, but there is still work to be done. According to a survey Amazon Freight conducted with FreightWaves, nearly 70% of shippers say they still rely on old fashioned email to book their shipments and a third still use the phone.

It’s not completely surprising. The transportation industry is steeped in the status quo and the standard ways of doing business. Embracing new technology is hardly a smooth process.

That’s why we have Amazon Freight’s user-friendly portal for shippers looking for an easy way to instantly quote and book loads. The even better news is that creating an account takes just two quick steps.

But first, what is Amazon Freight? Put simply, it is your opportunity to access the Amazon freight network for your business’ shipping needs. With more than 50,000 trailers that are backed by Amazon’s advanced tech, we get your loads where they need to be safely, reliably, and efficiently. It all makes us, in the words of one customer, “stand out from other shipping providers.”

Here’s how to get started:

Step 1: Create your shipper log in info
Hop over to the create an Amazon Freight account page. You’ll need to enter all the typical items for any new login: full name, email, and a strong password. Make sure the email you use is currently active since you’ll be asked to confirm it works after you click “Create your Amazon account.”

Two important notes: First, this is not the same log in information as your Amazon Prime account or any other Amazon credentials you may have. Second, if you are a carrier or truck driver and want to work with Amazon, don’t create an account here. You’ll want to head over to the Amazon Relay website.

Step 2: Tell us the basics
From there, all we need are some standard details about your business, including your company name and address. This information helps us properly set up your profile. Don’t worry, you can invite others in your organization to join your account afterwards.

Complete your contact info in the Primary Contact field. The Primary Contact is the person at your organization who handles the day-to-day responsibilities of shipping and who should be receiving shipping status notifications. If your Primary Contact is different than your billing contact, enter their contact and address info as well. No credit card or banking information is needed at this time.

Click “Submit” and that’s it. You’re ready to go.

Get quotes instantly
You’ll be immediately directed to the Amazon Freight portal where you can start quoting loads, which is just as easy. If you have any questions, contact us. In the meantime, our team will verify your account to determine the starting spending limit we can offer your business.

Amazon Freight is built for you, the busy shipper, in mind and we want to keep all parts of the process silky smooth. Get started and create your account.
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