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Amazon Freight's Dan Espiritu
October 31, 2023
Amazon Freight employee spotlight: Dedicated Transportation Consultant Dan Espiritu
At Amazon Freight, a large part of how we get your shipments delivered safely and reliably is the technology that optimizes the network and matches equipment with drivers and loads.

But behind that technology are the people to make it happen. One of those people is Dan Espiritu, an Amazon Freight Inbound Dedicated Transportation Consultant. He helps smaller shippers to get their loads where they need to be every day. We asked him about his role and career in operations and logistics that led him to Amazon Freight.

Q: Let’s start with your job as a Dedication Transportation Consultant. What is your responsibility?
To put it simply, my role is to help my customers grow their businesses by optimizing their shipping. Part of that is helping them leverage Amazon technology, like our online portal to book and manage their loads, but, really, the big part is proactively meeting with my customers to find new opportunities and optimize their operations. I am constantly talking to them about areas of improvement, new lanes that they can take advantage of, and how to prepare for peak season.

For example, just the other day, I was meeting with a customer. Their facility has limited yard space and it was impeding the flow of trailers in and out. After a call with the customer and meeting with internal Amazon teams, I was able to come up with some solutions to maximize that space and keep their shipments moving. I set them up for a drop trailer pool which allowed them to preload their trailers one to two days prior to pick up. Then they could free up space and prepare their next loads continuously.

Q: Tell us more about your customers. Who are they?
This is what’s most interesting about my job. My customers are smaller businesses from a diverse array of industries. They include 3PLs and Amazon Sellers coast-to-coast, moving everything from tech products to groceries. What they have in common is they are shipping inbound and need reliable performance.

The part I enjoy the most about my job is this diversity. Each customer is unique. I like learning about the history of their business and digging into their needs and challenges so I can plan for how Amazon Freight can support their growth. I think the key to successful shipping is in building relationships, and I do that every day.

Q: Let’s step back a bit. How did you get into the transportation world and how does that experience help your customers today?
As I look back on my career so far, it’s really brought me to Amazon Freight. After college, I started in operations roles for some retail and fashion businesses where I learned the ins and outs. Then I came to Amazon where I was the dock manager of one of our facilities in New Jersey. I oversaw both our inbound and outbound operations.

By the time I got to my current role in Amazon Freight, I was fully immersed in the transportation and logistics worlds. This helps my customers. I can share my first-hand experiences working in warehouses, what the challenges are, and how to navigate shipping inbound to Amazon. My customers trust me because I know what they are going through.

Q: How do you help your customers when the inevitable disruptions of transportation happen?
Well, first, Amazon Freight has an amazing shipper support team that is available 24/7, and we have tools to proactively identify disruptions and communicate with customers in advance.

But, as a transportation consultant, I also offer a highly personalized approach and additional information to help resolve their disruptions. I schedule regular calls or in-person meetings with my customers to discuss potential issues and work alongside them to find solutions. That could be something as simple as updating their operating hours in our system or even using a different lane. If there’s one thing I’ve learned in logistics, it’s that the tiny details matter big!

For instance, I have a customer that sells gifts and other small consumer goods. One of their shipments was delayed. It was a very urgent and important load for them. I was able to track down their dock manager and find a small window of time when they could be open so the shipment could be picked up on time. It seems like a little thing but it made a significant difference. That customer emailed us afterwards and said how much he appreciated how I had “come through each and every time we needed assistance.”

Q: So, we know the transportation space, especially during peak, can be stressful. What do you do to relax outside of work?
Work-life harmony is definitely a priority! When I have the downtime, I like cooking and any type of outdoor activity. I love to go out and hike with my dogs – a two-year-old Corgi and a three-year-old lab-pit mix. And, it isn’t necessarily relaxing, but I am also working towards completing my master’s degree in business administration and economics, so some nights I’m hitting the books!

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