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July 28, 2023
Peace of mind means always knowing where your trailer is
“Where is my trailer and why is it sitting there?”

That’s the question no shipper likes to ask, but Savie Yuan found himself posing it more often than he liked in the early days of his business. As the owner of Syco Enterprise, a third-party logistics company (3PL), Savie and his team have a lot of shipments and trailers to track.

Operating out of southern California, they ship mostly inbound to Amazon’s fulfillment centers. The majority of their customers are based in China, so when shipments come to the ports, it’s Syco that sorts through them and gets the goods inland. His customers rely on Syco because “we offer the whole shipping solution at a competitive rate” and understand the urgency of their businesses.

Simply put, Syco’s early freight providers were not getting him the visibility and service he needed when delays happened. The pain of disruptions is acute for Syco, because his customers demand a constant flow of goods to keep their operations running. “You don’t want to be the bottleneck,” says Savie. “They are not happy with even one day of delays.”

It was especially challenging at peak times. They can have as many as 15 trailers per day coming and going from their facility during surges.

“Much, much better”
Savie heard about Amazon Freight through a colleague and decided to give them a try in 2021. At first, he started small and only booked a few loads, but as he became more impressed with the service, he started using dedicated lanes.

“Amazon Freight immediately provided a much, much better level of service than other carriers,” says Savie. Syco first noticed an improvement in visibility to their trailers. This wasn’t just GPS tracking they could do on the Amazon Freight portal but also the team behind the scenes that could swing into action if needed.

For instance, when a disruption happened, as they often do within the transportation network, Syco could always get a hold of their Amazon Freight transportation specialist to help them sort through it. “When any issues happen, we can work with our contact to find what the problem is and solve it.”

Beyond visibility, Savie also appreciates Amazon Freight’s competitive and transparent rates. Within the portal, his team can log in, see prices up to 14 days out, and book a load in just three steps.

They also take advantage of Amazon Freight’s more than 50,000 trailers and carriers with its drop and hook program. It helps them save time, a valuable commodity in the 3PL world. “Drop trailers help us because we can preload the shipment into the trailer and it’s ready to go.”

At the end of the day, it all comes down to the long-term future of the company he founded. “Because of Amazon Freight, we have the potential for more volumes and, subsequently, more business growth.”

If you want to see what Syco is experiencing for yourself, create an account. You can start getting quotes and booking immediately.
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