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January 25, 2024
Smooth operator: 3 ways Amazon Freight streamlines shipping
Efficient shipping operations are critical to customer satisfaction for any business that packages and distributes goods. Happy customers are frequent customers—driving more orders, revenue, and growth for your bottom line.

At Amazon Freight, we’re here to help shippers move orders swiftly and seamlessly through the freight journey. How? By streamlining shipping processes—from warehouse packaging, to trailer loading, and more.

Here are three ways Amazon Freight ensures a smooth shipping experience for our customers. And when you’re ready to book a load with us, click here and create your shipper account.

We’re a shipper, too…just like you
From scheduling load pickup to stacking and wrapping pallets, there are plenty of moving parts involved with getting your products on the road. We know these tasks can get overwhelming, and that’s why your freight provider is so important. The company you choose to move your orders should feel like an extension of your team—willing to go the extra mile when you need advice or support.

For example, Amazon delivers billions of packages each year across the US alone, so we don’t settle for anything less than peak logistics efficiency. As a collaborative provider, we’re happy to share what we’ve learned with our shippers—helping them streamline their own shipping operations.

On occasion, that may even include a site visit where our freight logistics experts reveal how Amazon makes it happen. “We’ve taken some of our shippers to Amazon sites to show them how our operations work,” says Rob Lafferty, Senior Sales Operations Manager for Amazon Freight, “That gives them real-world knowledge about how their order is accepted into our facilities.”

Whether in-person, online, or over the phone, the Amazon Freight team is here for you. And we’re ready to share our expertise on stacking and wrapping pallets, labeling products, and loading trailers to help you move goods more efficiently and effectively.

“This will help you have less discrepancies with your inventory reconciliation and receipts on receiving,” says Lafferty. “We provide these services to offer an experience you can take back to improve operations.”

Online freight portals to streamline booking
According to a report Amazon Freight conducted with FreightWaves, about 68% of shippers are using online portals to handle a portion of their booking needs. Email remains a top communication method, indicating a push to embrace modern solutions that make shipping logistics easier. In fact, when asked to describe their ideal booking experience, shippers repeatedly used phrases like, “streamlined booking process,” “easy to book,” and “online format.”

This is where Amazon Freight can help your business thrive. For example, our customers at Utopia lean on Amazon Freight and its portal to help them schedule trailer drops in advance, load trailers on their team’s timeframe, and get loads on the road every week. “Amazon’s reliability is untouchable,” says Jonathan Salmeron, Warehouse Supervisor at Utopia. “Some things are literally just a click of a button with them. And when you’re moving as much product as we are, as quickly as we are—that’s a dream.”

Backend tech connections
In addition to online tools, Amazon Freight and FreightWaves research shows that shippers want a smooth connection between systems, with as little manual intervention as possible. And who can blame them, when the time spent cross-checking logistics platforms takes teams away from their daily work?

API and EDI integrations are designed to flow all your freight shipping tools into a single portal—working behind the scenes to streamline the tools you use to email your freight provider, track loads, schedule trailer drops, and more.

Although this level of convenience greatly improves efficiencies, we found that just over one-third of respondents utilize integrations for booking transportation. We understand that because these modern tools are new and evolving, leaving some shippers unaware of the benefits involved. Other reasons for slower adoption include budget constraints, lack of infrastructure to support the integrations, or even limited buy-in from leadership. But we encourage you to keep an eye on this tech as it grows.

Your smooth shipping provider
At Amazon Freight, we believe seamless shipping is possible for every shipper. Tap into our freight network, tech, and support to experience what our customers call “the complete package.” All it takes to get started are two easy steps. Click here to create your shipper account today.
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