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Tips for Shippers
Shippers in a warehouse
2024 consumer pulse: Freight shipping insights for growth
The road to growth isn’t always straight. It is littered with winding corners and plenty of bumps. So, as a shipper, it’s important to remain agile.
A pallet being moved in a warehouse
Smart packing: how you can benefit from better load quality
When the trailer door closes, you want to make sure your load gets to where it’s going on time and safely. That starts with packing.
Shippers working on a plan together
The secret weapon of successful shipping: contingency planning
Disruptions are inevitable in transportation. Docks get overcrowded. Trucks get flat tires. Inventory dwindles. It behooves every shipper to prepare for such events.
A shipper at her desk.
Expert Q&A: what shippers need to know about warehouse efficiency
Learn from an Amazon Freight expert on how to improve your warehouse operations and set yourself up for safe and smooth shipping.
Shippers in a warehouse
Shippers: Want to unlock cost savings? Here’s how
Let’s delve into a topic that resonates with businesses of all sizes—the often-perplexing world of shipping costs and how to get the most out of every shipment.
A worker loading a trailer
3 ways to get the most out of your trailer space
Getting the most bang for your buck is always wise, including inside the trailer. You want to take advantage of every inch possible.
Shippers working in a warehouse
Building capacity and resiliency through strong freight relationships
What is the key to shippers successfully navigating changes to their transportation networks, especially during the pandemic? Relationships.
Shippers loading a container
How to pursue freight cost savings for the long-haul
What do all shippers have in common? A drive to optimize value for their business through cost efficiencies. Learn some savings tips from an Amazon Freight expert.
An Amazon truck and trailer in a yard
How to pick a freight broker for your shipping needs
Shippers need a simple solution to manage their needs and the ensuing complexity. That’s where a freight broker comes in.
Amazon Freight truck graphic
6 tips for shippers to finish the peak season strong
During peak season, you’re likely seeing more volume and more to keep track of. We are here to help you finish the year strong.
A shipper speaking with another shipper
Shippers on freight’s future: tech-driven efficiency with a human touch
What are shippers doing to adapt to the tech revolution? FreightWaves and Amazon Freight have collaborated to find out in a new paper.
Shippers working in a warehouse
Guidance from an Amazon expert: DEI tips for shippers
Where do you begin when it comes to diversity, equity, and inclusion at your shipping organization? You want to start small and get the whole team involved.
Trucks in a yard.
The key to smooth shipping? A smartly run truck yard
Yards at distribution centers and warehouses are critical links in the supply chain and require a well-orchestrated dance of equipment and labor.
A busy warehouse
Pop quiz: Are you ready for the back-to-school shipping surge?
School shopping can be a boon for your business, but it also comes with challenges further upstream for your shipping operations.
A shipper in her warehouse
Tips for success for shippers of consumer goods
Shipping consumer goods has its challenges. Learn what it takes to get them to where they need to be on time while meeting your customers' expectations.
Amazon truck on the road
Choosing the right Amazon inbound service for your shipping needs
Deciding between options can be tough. Here’s how to pick which Amazon inbound shipping option is right for you.
Amazon truck and trailer on a bridge
What will 2023 have in store for the freight industry?
What 2023 will mean for freight is difficult to predict. The good news is that we’re an industry used to thriving in uncertainty.
Amazon Freight VP Hannah McClellan at a truck yard
Advice for the upcoming shipping season: Embrace uncertainty
When asked what keeps her customers up at night, VP of Amazon Freight Hannah McClellan had one word: “uncertainty.”
A large warehouse
Five ways savvy shippers optimize their transportation networks
Streamlining shipping operations and removing unnecessary miles drive big supply chain improvements. The trick is knowing where to start.
Forklift in a warehouse
Tips for shippers to prepare their loads for smooth pickup and delivery
At some point in your youth, you likely learned that you should “work smarter not harder.” That adage holds true in the shipping world.
A busy Amazon Fulfillment Center
Retail rollercoaster: 4 ways shippers can stay ahead of shifting consumer demands
Consumer demand can be unpredictable. For shippers, it means you need to respond to the ebbs and flows of retail demand but also prepare ahead of time.
A worker in a warehouse
4 common freight shipping challenges and how to overcome them
Orchestrating a smooth shipping routine is complex, but planning and tech can help overcome obstacles to ensure your products get to where they are going.
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